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Buena Park Man Skips on Sentencing

A 20-year-old man who pleaded guilty to a series of graffiti attacks at and near a Sikh temple in Buena Park failed to appear for sentencing on Tuesday and may have jeopardized his plea deal. The suspect is identified as Brodie Durazo of Buena Park and he pleaded guilty this past February to vandalism of religious property and vandalism with less than four hundred dollars in damage, which are both misdemeanors. When he failed to appear for sentencing on Tuesday, a bench warrant was issued and then put on hold to see if he would come to court on a later date. If he fails to appear for that court date and arrest warrant will most likely be issued, according to authorities. It will be up to the judge on the next court date whether to go through with Durazo’s plea deal or if there will be a new sentencing for the defendant.


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