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Teenagers Confess to Home Robbery

Today, three teenagers confessed to Buena Park Police to two robberies that happened at two North Orange County Schools last week. The police arrested all three of the kids on suspicion of three felony charges. Many Buena Park schools have been subject to thefts over the past month and police believe the three gentlemen were responsible for all of them. One school that they confessed to was Whitaker Elementary School at 8401 Montana St., Buena Park police Cpl. Bret Carter said. The three men broke into the school in the early morning hours before anybody got to the school and the janitors left. They broke into the schools auditorium and then vandalized the cafeteria and teachers lounge by knocking over desks and cabinets and throwing books everywhere. According to officials the three juveniles stole some computers from the computer lab of the schools after the vandalization of the school. Police said that these burglaries are not uncommon in this area but they are cracking down on the string of robberies by first setting these three as examples. The three kids are being held on $50,000 bail and will have their first court trial on Thursday if they do not bail out of jail.

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