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Buena Park Bail Bonds FAQs


What are bail bonds?


A bail bond is also referred to as a “surety bond,” which is a contract between the bail bonds agent and the client. The contract guarantees that the bail bondsman will post the full bail amount on behalf of the client. If the defendant fails to appear to court, then the bail bonds agency is responsible for the full bail amount.


How do I know which bail bonds agency to trust?


Picking a bail bonds agency to trust could be tricky, but our bail bonds agency is family operated and has worked with the community for many years. Our main goal is to make sure that your loved one is out of jail.


How does the court set the bail amount?


There are a number of factors that determine what the bail amount will be set at. The court will take the charges against the defendant into consideration as well as the threat that the defendant brings to the community. Once all of these factors have been looked at, then the court will come up with a number that is fair for the crimes.


What can I use to pay for a bail bond?


At Bail Bonds Buena  Park, we accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks. We also offer the option of setting up a payment plan. One of our highly trained agents will be more than happy to explain the payment plan option in more detail for you.


Why do I need to get a bail bond?


The purpose of a bail bond is to get your loved one out of jail so that he or she could await their trial date from the safety of their home. If you do not bail out of jail, then you will remain in there until the case is over and the defendant has been sentenced.

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What crimes are considered a misdemeanor?


A misdemeanor is a crime considered to be less serious than a felony. Some of the crimes that count as a misdemeanor are some traffic violations or crimes such as assault, theft, indecent exposure.


What crimes are considered a felony?


A felony is a crime that is considered to have a much higher degree of seriousness than a misdemeanor. Some crimes that are considered a felony are murder, grand theft auto, assault with a deadly weapon, and possession of drugs with intent to sell.


Will I need to have some form of collateral?


The need for some form of collateral will be determined by the specifics of your case. We may need to collect some form of collateral depending on the amount of the bail bond or if you choose to set up a payment plan.


Can I finance a bail bond?


Yes, we do offer the option of financing a bail bond and one of our agents will meet with you to come up with a payment plan that fits your budget and pays of the bail bond in a timely manner.


Is there any way to get a cheaper bail bond?


The price of a bail bond is set by the state of California, which is set at 10% of the initial bail amount. It is illegal for any bail bond agency to increase or decrease this set rate, so do not trust a bail bonds agency that tells you otherwise.

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